01233 Area Code Information

Area Code:01233
Country: United Kingdom
City: Ashford
Type: G (Geographic Land Line, Fixed Line)
Company: Nexbridge Communications Limited
Call costs: Normal landline rate
Last Code Change: April 1995 (previously 0233)
About: Most numbers using the 01233 area code are normal Ashford landlines but be aware that, as is the case for all UK area codes, such numbers may also be used for services without any physical link to the area.

Latest Comments in 01233 Area Code

Reported Steven Tevault,


Unknown Calls
is this really bt
Reported Celeste M Cash,


Other Calls
Robotic voice telling me they are HMRC informing me of tax fraud in my name. Told to press a number 1. Cut off call as strongly suspect this is a scam!!
Reported nora e oshea,


Unsafe Calls
Phoned offering a call blocking service!
Reported vanessa aquino malapit,


Safe Calls
I dont know anyone in Cambridge. Ignored call and blocked number
Reported free phone numb,


Unsafe Calls
call from this number. they hung up as soon as i answered. blocked now
Reported Ashley S Torkornoo,


Other Calls
Recorded message stating that to stop a payment abroad Press 1.
Reported glenna nance,


Safe Calls
silent call
Reported GE,


Unknown Calls
Hung up upon answer
Reported Chris Paufler,


Safe Calls
Scammers Vishers Scummers
Reported Marissa Sneed,


Other Calls
Scammers Vishers Scummers
Reported John Mitchell,


Other Calls
Scammers Vishers Scummers
Reported Tannia Cordova,


Unknown Calls
Scammers Vishers Scummers
Reported Robert Crosby Jr,


Unsafe Calls
Further to the previous comments, 01233 is the UK Area Code for Ashford in Kent. However, if you attempt to ring this number back (141 01233 746295) (the “141” prefix will withh...
Reported hazel renaker,


Other Calls
Claimed to be from BT Openreach saying there was a problem with my router. Asked me to be in front of my computer so he could fix the problem.
Reported Sierra bretz,


Other Calls
Missed Call at 12:00 as in garden, no message left although phone indicated it had been.
Reported shafique ahmed,


Safe Calls
This number came up as international on my phone display but then showed the above number when answered. Another Amazon scam call - now blocked on my phone
Reported Kyle Weatherly,


Unsafe Calls
Scam recorded call saying I have subscribed to Amazon press 1
Reported lillian hawkins,


Unknown Calls
Threatened to cut off internet due to illegal activity unless press button 1 to connect to an adviser
Reported Frederick J Geldmyer,


Safe Calls
Amazon scam call
Reported SaVannah Fadling,


Safe Calls
The person who called gave her name and said she would ring again and not to ring back However her voice did not match any of the four people with this name who I know