01543 Area Code Information

Area Code:01543
Country: United Kingdom
City: Cannock
Type: G (Geographic Land Line, Fixed Line)
Company: BT
Call costs: Normal landline rate
Last Code Change: April 1995 (previously 0543)
About: Most numbers using the 01543 area code are normal Cannock landlines but be aware that, as is the case for all UK area codes, such numbers may also be used for services without any physical link to the area.

Latest Comments in 01543 Area Code

Reported georgios maillis,


Other Calls
Call to landline Monday 12.04.2021 12.50pm. No message left. Have no dealings in Staffordshire area. Nothing from online search. Suspect it was spam.
Reported teresa russo,


Other Calls
Ten digits, too short to be valid in the UK.
Reported roger porter,


Safe Calls
said from SKY just a scam
Reported Dolores Voss,


Safe Calls
Said that he was from BT Openreach saying that there was a report of poor internet service in the area but his line was as very bad
Reported Ed Henderson,


Unknown Calls
A call from 'Amazon' asking me to verify by pressing 1 that I have ordered n item for 399.99 ... suspect that this is a scam.
Reported Emily woltmann,


Unsafe Calls
Call from sky telling me that my broadband speed is slow.
Reported Helen Pittsburgh,


Safe Calls
Landline rang at lunchtime. Unusual. I answered. No one spoke. I said "Don't speak then!" and as I was putting the phone down I heard a male voice sort of "...
Reported olivia nicole shaw,


Safe Calls
This number called me today. Very pushy saying that I had registered with their investment site. Still shouting when I put the phone down. Came up as INTERNATIONAL but the nu...
Reported tyrone s jones,


Unsafe Calls
Probably a scam or call centre as I don’t know anyone in Cannock.
Reported Mason J Mill,


Unknown Calls
Re car accident I am supposed to have had. Called themselves Speedway Advisers
Reported Rajesh Mehta,


Safe Calls
My cellphone rang, I announced myself and the call disconnected
Reported Patric grace,


Unsafe Calls
This number is not recognised when dialed, believe it's a scam call
Reported samantha dalton,


Safe Calls
Likely a scam or spam call as I know nobody in the area. They rang for only a few seconds and were gone when I answered. A common ploy
Reported sanaa amcihch,


Unsafe Calls
Called at 16:43 but I didn’t answer. No voicemail.
Reported Jeff D Holzbauer,


Unsafe Calls
Did we want to claim for a car accident
Reported Nicholas preovolos,


Safe Calls
Early morning call to home landline. Second time in as many weeks. As is the norm, it went unanswered. Yet another cold caller. Get the message; leave us alone!
Reported Terrilinn peace,


Unsafe Calls
Third Amazon Prime call today so I decided to return call. The young chinese(?) lady said they had my bank account I said that I would like to check they had the one with money ...
Reported Kay Gambelin,


Other Calls
Answered call and silence. If no one speaks straight away I know these are dodgy calls. Hung up and blocked number
Reported Shan gable,


Unsafe Calls
Cold Call. When I answered "hello" there was a pause and then a recorded message began to play. Ended the call immediately.
Reported Tiffany fulmer,


Safe Calls
was called by Amazon American lady's voice saying they were going to take out £39.99 from my bank account !