01628 Area Code Information

Area Code:01628
Country: United Kingdom
City: Maidenhead
Type: G (Geographic Land Line, Fixed Line)
Company: Virgin Media Wholesale Limited
Call costs: Normal landline rate
Last Code Change: April 1995 (previously 0628)
About: Most numbers using the 01628 area code are normal Maidenhead landlines but be aware that, as is the case for all UK area codes, such numbers may also be used for services without any physical link to the area.

Latest Comments in 01628 Area Code

Reported Thomas Wolff,


Unknown Calls
Called from "BT Openreach" saying they wanted me to log in to check my internet speed and would fix it. Was in a call centre with lots of other people all talking. How...
Reported Jocob W Harrington,


Unknown Calls
Claimed to be from Amazon, saying someone using my landline number to purchase gift card. Man with foreign accent, in noisy office (which could of course be fair sound effect). Told me my own landline number in an attempt to prove his legitimacy, hardly surprising he knew the number given that he had just called it!
Reported robert tedesco,


Unsafe Calls
Missed call. No voicemail
Reported Sara Grass Severson,


Other Calls
Spam call from a company claiming to be First Choice Solicitors or some such, “My information is you’ve been involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault is that right?”......
Reported jerrod thompson,


Unsafe Calls
Recorded voice claims to be from an internet provider that has been unable to get in touch and threatens to disconnect your internet service.
Reported Kirby Broxmeyer,


Unknown Calls
Just been called by this number. Recorded message regarding BT Broadband being shut down as people have invaded my privacy ???? Press 1 to speak to a BT advisor - yes, like I wo...
Reported Forrest Needs,


Unknown Calls
Phoning multiple times and not leaving a voice message
Reported timothy wratten,


Unsafe Calls
Amazon Prime Scam
Reported Morgan Calhoun,


Other Calls
I have today received the fifth or sixth same recorded message purporting to be from Amazon Prime, telling me that my fee will be increased to £79.99 and if I do not agree to sp...
Reported Roberto Meza,


Unsafe Calls
By open reach ? Broadband not working, attempt to scam
Reported Spencer Jump,


Unsafe Calls
Yes I have an ileostomy bag (for many years now) but I have to say: CliniMed are THE WORST for "sales" type harassment, i.e. pestering people to use their products. I ...
Reported Jessica Drummond,


Safe Calls
Foreign voice saying taking money from Amazon prime account, obviously false id, rang off!
Reported charles kent darnell,


Unsafe Calls
Had this number 01628699502 say some had just taken £600 from my card from abroad
Reported Kimber Williams,


Unsafe Calls
answered call but got no response, obviously hoping we would call back
Reported Ryan Ingram,


Unsafe Calls
I don’t know
Reported Enrique elizondo,


Unknown Calls
Caller refused to say who he was and then rang off. It sounded like a call from abroad with a fake UK number.
Reported Guest,


Unknown Calls
Reported Guest,


Other Calls
Reported Guest,


Unknown Calls
Reported Guest,


Other Calls
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