020 Area Code Information

Area Code:020
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Type: G (Geographic Land Line, Fixed Line)
Company: Fuse 2.0 Ltd
Call costs: Normal landline rate
Last Code Change: 2000
About: Most 020 numbers are for normal London landlines but be aware that, as is the case for all UK area codes, such numbers may also be used for services without any physical link to the area. Between 1990 and 2000, separate area codes were used for Central London and Outer London. This temporary division of London into separate inner and outer areas was abandoned when the new London-wide 020 area code was introduced. The most recent area code change in the year 2000 resulted in over 79 million numbers from (020) 2000 0000 to (020) 9989 9999 becoming available for use in London – although only local numbers starting with 3, 7 and 8 are currently in general use.

Latest Comments in 020 Area Code

Reported nancy smith,


Safe Calls
Call centre chap who did seem tp want tp talk
Reported Christine M Haider,


Unknown Calls
Unknown caller
Reported Alec Trachtenberg,


Unknown Calls
Claim to be HM revenue
Reported Leona King,


Unknown Calls
Claiming to be HMRC.
Reported Christopher Whalen,


Other Calls
computer maintainance scam
Reported Daniel Boling,


Safe Calls
who is this i dont want to pick the call up
Reported Angela Mowry,


Unsafe Calls
Answering machine playing music, assume that this is a cold call or scam
Reported Denise skinner,


Unknown Calls
Get my money back from this number
Reported Vicki Elkins Mullins,


Unsafe Calls
It’s a scam claiming to be from national insurance office!
Reported Linda Sequine,


Unsafe Calls
Recorded message says you have made a payment of £300 for a refurbished MacBook (which I haven’t!). Press 1 if you would like to decline this?!SCAM!!!
Reported Vh,


Unsafe Calls
Scam log into other nos
Reported Greg Blakeney,


Unknown Calls
Called me - automatic woman's voice - said from BT and I was about to be disconnected from landline and internet because of "suspicious activity" - if want to stop this, press 1.I hung up - scam.
Reported Penny Patton,


Unknown Calls
informing me from hmrc that my name has been reported in a tax fraud case...
Reported Raechel Thomas,


Unknown Calls
Recorded call saying HMRC had a tax fraud case in my name. Ended call immediately. Suspected scam.
Reported Zach west,


Unsafe Calls
Scam callSay's you are being investigated for tax evasion and an arrest warrent is iminent. Please 1 for help.DON'T PRESS 1, YOU WILL BE CHARGED A PREMIUM RATE IF YOU DO
Reported Josie Santos,


Other Calls
not sure who or what, but suddenly spam calls (4calls in 2min)
Reported montgomery brown,


Safe Calls
didn't answer and my phone went completely dead afterward - bit odd.
Reported Mangesh Ambekar,


Safe Calls
scam: pre-recorded card scam about non-existent purchase
Reported Frances Elaine Santos,


Other Calls
A long pause, then an automated voice claiming to be HMRC. Hung up and blocked the call.
Reported Mariam Adjimikrian,


Unsafe Calls
Blockhain scam
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