078 Area Code Information

Area Code:078
Country: United Kingdom
City: UK
Type: mobiles
Company: EE/O2/Vodafone/BT/AQL/Airtel Vodafone
Call costs: Normal landline rate
Last Code Change:
About: Numbers beginning 071, 072, 073, 074, 075, 07624, 077, 078 or 079 are for mobile phones in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man. All other numbers beginning with 076 are reserved for pagers.

Latest Comments in 078 Area Code

Reported Tyquan Riley,


Unsafe Calls
Automated call apparently from amazon
Reported Danny,


Safe Calls
This is listening my call
Reported Isabel J Turner,


Safe Calls
Scam broadband call saying service is to be cut.
Reported Brandon ray reid,


Other Calls
Hjshe jsknjd jshijs jishjis joehis jsojns jsijsisj iisbsj
Reported Anthony Regester,


Unsafe Calls
apparently from Amazon saying they were about to take £390 from my credit card, press 1 for customer services etc etc ..... scam I reckon
Reported xxx,


Unsafe Calls
They been listening to my calls!
Reported Tabatha zuris,


Unsafe Calls
Phoned back and got a continuous beep.
Reported Jean Shanley,


Safe Calls
Pretending to be PayPal, I deleted my account with the because of the new restrictions coming in so it cannot be them
Reported Steven Gomez,


Other Calls
Sends strange code
Reported Matthew Stephen Louis,


Safe Calls
Received text from this number pretending to be from hmrc and gave link for a tax refund. Reported and blocked.
Reported Adam Apa,


Other Calls
Looks like a scammers phone number. Had a text to say hsbc have received a request to pay a Mr A Lee. It also says if it wasn’t you to click on this link. Needless to say I didn...
Reported Brian Cameron,


Other Calls
missed call
Reported Chelsey Kingery,


Unknown Calls
Message claiming to be from 3? Number not known to me.
Reported Nicole Austin,


Unsafe Calls
Fraud. Familiar voice with Indian accent. Today it is BT Internet Scam. Don't respond.
Reported Arla Jean hagen,


Other Calls
Suspected SCAM Recorded message saying National Insurance number has been compromised.
Reported carl neimyer,


Unsafe Calls
A bit scratchy, something about an I phone for £1049 I have supposed to have ordered????
Reported Lori Chapman,


Other Calls
suggesting to apply for Covid compensation if respond to call. Have blocked
Reported steve freeman,


Safe Calls
Automated male voice stating that they were A local kitchen cleaning company, no name given asking if you wanted cleaning press one on your keypad, if you want further information press two on the keypad, third scam call this week, two separate calls different numbers both purporting to be from Amazon reference over £1.000 used from my account to purchase the watch fraudulently!
Reported Amber Lynn Bree,


Safe Calls
Fake 'Amazon' £1049 - they are suspicious. But they really just want you to get on-line to try and get your banking / card details. I try and keep them on the phone as...
Reported Benjamin cutilli,


Unsafe Calls
Dude claims to be from gov.uk and that I could claim a tax refund.
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