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Reported DaveO,


Safe Calls
This number is for a Boots Distribution Centre
Reported Caz,


Safe Calls
It's Mira showers, not a scammer :-)
Reported Daz,


Unknown Calls
PPI Claims harrassing
Reported No name,


Safe Calls
Ups office
Reported Bertie bassett,


Safe Calls
Daily messages stating i owe money to Three uk from a time before i had even had a contract with Three . Scam number do no phone
Reported Jerry Watson,


Unknown Calls
Said it’s from 02 saying I need to update my payment details as it was unable to take payment for my latest bill. Totally untrue, bill not due and sufficient funds in account to...
Reported Michael alpaugh,


Safe Calls
Constant calling, hard sell.
Reported Arthur watts,


Safe Calls
Move Residential in Liverpool
Reported scott shova,


Unsafe Calls
Silent call deemed to be a scam call after checking on internet sites so number blocked.
Reported Amberlee Ohlsen,


Unsafe Calls
neutral, always busy tone when I call back
Reported Lacie Kytle,


Safe Calls
Housing Association number.
Reported clint hawkins,


Unsafe Calls
Wasn't a number I recognised. Tried to phone back four times, got continually not available, guessing a seller or similar.
Reported rowland seal,


Other Calls
Potential scam? Claiming to be from NatWest, however, I highly doubt it.
Reported Johnathon C Monahan,


Unknown Calls
they asked if they were speaking to . I asked who was calling. They repeated the question, I repeated the answer and they hung up
Reported John Schiller,


Safe Calls
called left no message
Reported Level Allen,


Unknown Calls
He phoned re replacing roofs cos the of the bad weather.
Reported Brenden johnson,


Other Calls
Thomas, they don't "get" your number, they use auto diallers which call each number sequentially, which is why being ex directory (or on TPS) doesn't protect...
Reported Clifford Norton,


Unsafe Calls
It was a call from The Donkey Sanctuary call centre. I had previously donated after watching an advert on TV re. Mono the donkey
Reported Kevin W Sharer,


Safe Calls
Automated message about Amazon Prime Account having been hacked - assumed hoax/phishing attempt
Reported Nicole kloncz,


Other Calls
SCAM SCAM SCAM number! They will say it’s Barclays fraud department but they are not. They will try and convince you have been fraud and They will try and convince you to make a new bank account! Don’t do that!! It’s a trick!! It’s SCAM!!!
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