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Reported Jared Ray Burgess,


Other Calls
Called this morning & put down as soon as I answered?
Reported Harry Eelman,


Unknown Calls
Threatening caller who began by offering financial services. Dangerous
Reported larry jack terrell,


Other Calls
said he was from Microsoft and there was a problem with our computer which could stop working at any moment. Requested I turn on the computer (it was already on) so he could re...
Reported Mark bobay,


Unknown Calls
Time waster
Reported Joseph Thatcher,


Other Calls
Customs and excise fraud call
Reported michael erlandsen,


Unsafe Calls
Scam call regarding my malfunctioning internet router that was going to be cut off in four hours unless I got in touch with their technical support team. I ended the call at tha...
Reported sharneice orebo,


Other Calls
This is supposed to be from Amazon saying I have spent £300 on my Amazon account. But I haven't. Told to press a number and speak to someone.
Reported donald wayne juhnke,


Unknown Calls
hung up when I picked up the call
Reported Jeanetta Mae Anderson,


Unsafe Calls
This number called. Rang off half way through my recorded message. It's usually spam or scam.
Reported Linda Warrington,


Safe Calls
Caller claimed to be from BT Openreach. Volume on line very low. Caller cut themselves off. BEWARE SCAM !
Reported Jeremy Maupin,


Safe Calls
SCAM!!! Fake BT. Disconnect Threat: Your IP address has been compromised
Reported Richard A Mills,


Safe Calls
Asking for money saying they are Amazon
Reported Pamela a hoffner,


Safe Calls
Fake ISP automated call
Reported Mark Denton,


Unsafe Calls
Automated message from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. Badly recorded message at that. I hung up
Reported Ieon simmons,


Safe Calls
Recorded message saying my Amazon Prime account is about to expire. I don't have an Amazon Prime account!
Reported julia balan,


Unsafe Calls
Just received phone call for my Mother. He asked if I was her, he knew her full name. When I asked what it was regarding, he said it was about her Philip's washing machine....
Reported Opal Trotter,


Safe Calls
called on this number on my landline at 0855am. said I had a legal claim no.---- filed against me and to call my case officer by pressing "1" . an obvious scam.
Reported levi pavlovsky,


Unknown Calls
Reports elsewhere suggest it's the old accident claim scam.
Reported Kenneth A Sisel,


Unsafe Calls
Fraud !
Reported Danny w niedo,


Safe Calls
they informed me I was issued with a warrant for my arrest, my law suit number was ***** press I (on phone) to speak to ? it was an automated call and not specifically directed...
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