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Reported whose num,


Other Calls
East Ayrshire Council Out Of Hours
Reported Murray fasken,


Safe Calls
PPI as usual.
Reported Susan ippolito,


Safe Calls
trying to tell my I had a car crash and can claim, wont take no for an answer
Reported Hector Martinez,


Safe Calls
Chase Alexander, who ever thy are ?
Reported mark mckinney,


Other Calls
ICS claims management company - rung every day for the last 2 weeks SPAM
Reported Louis Silva,


Safe Calls
No idea who would call me from the Outer Hebrides?
Reported Samia abdus,


Other Calls
Harringtons Advisory ltd. Avoid. PPI and pension scam calls. They are being investigated now by the Ministry Of Justice.
Reported Sherley Malary,


Other Calls
hung up as soon as I answered
Reported John Slang,


Safe Calls
Believe to be a waste of time call...from Banbury.
Reported Jennifer Amanda Lerner,


Other Calls
This number is from village area Tomatin, Scotland. It is from debit office. Better not to speak or contact in this number.
Reported Scott miller,


Other Calls
Had a call from them, answered it they put the phone down their end... They'll be added to my block list
Reported Christopher Herring,


Safe Calls
Person called Rickie with an Indian accent about online support, put the phone down
Reported robert agarwal,


Other Calls
NEVER call unknown numbers back. If you do so, you may be calling a Premium Rate or International number which will incur a very large charge on your bill.
Reported Bob Leyvas,


Other Calls
Don't know who this was but called home number from a bad line and terrified my child saying I had been in an accident.
Reported kamran ali,


Safe Calls
Yet another accident I've had, really must be more careful. Think they used the name legal requirement agency.
Reported Katherine Klein,


Unknown Calls
Beware!!!This is a scam phone number. Defrauded my mum's account of all her pension today.
Reported keven kulovitz,


Safe Calls
Automated voice informing me that my online service has been compromised and to contact BT by pressing a certain number on my phone keypad (2). which I did not do and terminated...
Reported Ashley R Elrod,


Safe Calls
Great idea
Reported Julainna Rozema,


Safe Calls
Definitely a call from a scammer. These calls use spoofed numbers, originate outside the UK and are untraceable. DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION to a caller. NEVER RETURN A CALL ...
Reported James Earl Williams,


Unsafe Calls
PC Technical Support - rings about your computer problem? Annoying and have no problems - And never asked for support and would never give any details. Best to end the call....
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