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Caller ID 01237712003 Do you want to know the identity of the caller? Caller ID information display number 01237712003 belongs to the following regions: Bideford, UK. The caller is through: The G (Geographic Land Line, Fixed Line) makes a call. The telephone company is: Localphone Limited. 6 users voted on the number. There are also comments left by other users. I hope this information will help you. If you know any information about the number 01237712003, please vote and leave your valuable comments. To help other users who are looking for that number.

  • Area Codes:01237
  • International :+441237712003 / 00441237712003
  • City:Bideford()
  • County:Bideford
  • City code: DEV
  • Type:G (Geographic Land Line, Fixed Line)
  • Company:Localphone Limited
  • Timezone:+00:00 UTC, United Kingdon Tim
  • Call Costs: Normal landline rate
  • Latitude / Longitude: 51.016212 / -4.207807

The following is a vote for the be safe or unsafe for the caller

Safe number is means it is a trusted caller, the unknown number will mean that the phone that did not answer or hang up does not know the caller information, the unsafe number will refer to the scammer or other harassment call.

Safe 3
Unsafe 0
Unknown 3
Other 0

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2 Recent comments about 01237712003

  • Post by Connie J Price, , Unsafe Calls
    Yeah, ambulance chasing, personal information stealing scum.
  • Post by Ronald j termale, , Unknown Calls
    Yeah, ambulance chasing, personal information stealing scum.

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Reported Maria Navarette Safe Calls
Definitely a scam call. I didn't field it at the time but used 1471 to identify it later. When I tried to call back, there was no such number.


Reported Wayne Michael Unsafe Calls
say they was from amazon telling me my contract running out and demanding money


Reported Jason Theis Unknown Calls
01237475365 is an automated call with ref. to amazon. I just let it play out, then hung up....DO NOT RESPOND TO IT!


Reported Abdul B Samad Unknown Calls
Scam. Claimed to be calling to advise internet connection would be disconnected within 24-48 hours due to misuse on line and said press button to contact their technical depart...


Reported Sami Ghattas Unsafe Calls
0207 108 1180 Telesurf ltd/DIDX.net USA Invalid 0208 087 7796 Ballycastle, NI. 0208 085 2714 Internet Cafe!! 0208 089 3572 0208 089 3919 0208 089 7637 DIDWW Ireland Ltd...