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Caller ID 01388744257 Do you want to know the identity of the caller? Caller ID information display number 01388744257 belongs to the following regions: Stanhope, UK. The caller is through: The G (Geographic Land Line, Fixed Line) makes a call. The telephone company is: Spitfire Network Services Ltd. 6 users voted on the number. There are also comments left by other users. I hope this information will help you. If you know any information about the number 01388744257, please vote and leave your valuable comments. To help other users who are looking for that number.

  • Area Codes:01388
  • International :+441388744257 / 00441388744257
  • City:Stanhope()
  • County:Stanhope
  • City code: DUR
  • Type:G (Geographic Land Line, Fixed Line)
  • Company:Spitfire Network Services Ltd
  • Timezone:+00:00 UTC, United Kingdon Tim
  • Call Costs: Normal landline rate
  • Latitude / Longitude: 54.747385 / -2.006715

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Safe number is means it is a trusted caller, the unknown number will mean that the phone that did not answer or hang up does not know the caller information, the unsafe number will refer to the scammer or other harassment call.

Safe 0
Unsafe 3
Unknown 3
Other 0

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Reported vickie ringstaff franklin Unknown Calls
I don’t know who they’re I don’t like to continue given me call please Brock they call next time


Reported Christina Justice Unsafe Calls
Suspect it was dodgy as left no message!!


Reported Denis plaskett Unknown Calls
Sounds like a sales line, did not advise the company name


Reported Chris sotelo Safe Calls
Uber eats. Rung and disconnect! Driver wasn’t even bother to get out of the car. He was just waiting for somebody to find him!!! Horrible!!


Reported Timothy jaramillo Other Calls
Heard sounds of a call centre when I picked up phone. Someone started to speak but the line then went dead. It was a typical call from scammers multi calling.