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Reported D M,


Unknown Calls
Call forward on my phone brings up this number I think they Listening to my calls.
Reported 01493806767,


Safe Calls
Which surgery is that?
Reported Leeanna McGuire,


Other Calls
Automated and threatening message about your NI number being compromised and threatening legal action
Reported Brandon Ball,


Unsafe Calls
SCAM - just answer the call and abuse them back, so satisfying. Waste their time as they waste ours
Reported Adrian Sweet,


Safe Calls
I live in Australia yet getting a call from the UK which I didn't answer. It has to be a scam call.
Reported Teace Robiero,


Unknown Calls
A lady with a foreign accent called claiming to be from Amazon. She stated a smart phone was being purchased on my account. She hung up when I acted confused.
Reported John G Klinge,


Unknown Calls
Hung up upon answering .. scam !
Reported cathie louden,


Safe Calls
Caller claims to be from the National Insurance (Starts with an automated message) regarding NI number has been comprimised.
Reported Raymondo duran,


Safe Calls
Called me Austria
Reported Diana Bocek,


Unknown Calls
Same s another comment here, called and said they were from hmrc and I’m going to be arrested, awesome!
Reported Patrick Rix,


Unknown Calls
Text claiming new user added to HSBC - which is a lie.
Reported Clarence Swingle,


Unsafe Calls
Supposedly the number 44 1827767140 was given to me in wiitng as a number for a $70,000 payment by James Thomas Attorneys - this seems to be a fraud
Reported Douglas Klein,


Unknown Calls
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Reported Barry James,


Safe Calls
TheArtyOne Caricatures & ArtyMikey Illustrations. A freelance artist based in Birmingham. No scam calls here.
Reported Another guest,


Unknown Calls
Hung up when answered
Reported putin,


Unsafe Calls
Scam phone caller from Apple Android allegedly.Very well spoken female but speaking slowly so English is not her first language.I made up a fictitious low rate for 100gig of data and even then she asked if i was interested in an upgrade
Reported Guest,


Safe Calls
citizens advice
Reported Joan Carnevale,


Unknown Calls
A third (different) representative just called me 10 minutes later. I sounded more confused, so she told me that they "have an urgent information that your internet is not ...
Reported Pearley Anthony Giles,


Unknown Calls
It's the same whoever calling me from different fake numbers. I didn't answer. But I did accidentally phone it back later when I went to block it.
Reported Gregory kerekes,


Other Calls
Saying that my income tax is fraudulently being used and to press one to sort it out