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Reported Nancynoibe,


Safe Calls
[url=][img][/img][/url] I Gave Brent a Ride In [url=]The[/url] Rowdyssey
Reported Jo,


Safe Calls
Call and answer message from First Group bus company following up on an email I had sent them a few days previous.
Reported Steve G,


Unknown Calls
Silent call received at 11.15am on Sunday morning
Reported Bobie G Puckett,


Other Calls
Caller hangs up when picked up
Reported judy freed,


Unknown Calls
Fake BT scammer doing the old faulty router trick.
Reported Robert Crosby Jr,


Unsafe Calls
Further to the previous comments, 01233 is the UK Area Code for Ashford in Kent. However, if you attempt to ring this number back (141 01233 746295) (the “141” prefix will withh...
Reported Paul Grandy,


Unsafe Calls
Won't let ring saying numbers not recognised
Reported Anita Mata,


Unsafe Calls
4 missed calls in 2 days so rang back. Got voicemail claiming to be orbit energy. Next time I will and We and give them what for. Annoying!!
Reported brittany alston,


Other Calls
I don't know who called but I have been receiving scam calls from a recorded message regarding Amazon prime payments (that haven't happened). The message usually asks...
Reported Jed d kamiya,


Unsafe Calls
Repeating ringing donot know the number
Reported mike king,


Unknown Calls
Phone rang and then caller (a com!%#[email protected]) hung up, when I didn't speak! Suspected com!%#[email protected] call trying to sniff out voice lines. If you answer, then the line is detected as...
Reported tracy lynn huff,


Other Calls
Scam phone callS from this number saying internet service would be cut off in 24 hours.
Reported Cheryl Cleland,


Safe Calls
One of those calls saying that your internet is about to be cut off and you must call. Didn’t call but most likely would have asked for money, bank details or remote access to c...
Reported Chris emmers,


Unknown Calls
A robot voice saying it was investigating an inland revenue fraud case in my name. Said to press 1 for more information. Assume this is fraudulent
Reported Laura Villegas,


Safe Calls
Caller said he was calling about government grants re heating costs. The he put me on hold. A woman then came on line and spoke to me. She asked if I was the homeowner and I sai...
Reported Kenneth Taylor,


Unknown Calls
Called from this number saying a £400 charge had been made to Western Union from my bank account, this is a scam , don’t press any option it gives you or you could be connected ...
Reported Glenn Whittaker,


Unknown Calls
Automated message purporting to be from Amazon Prime stating that £39.99 was about to be taken out of my account. Instructed to press 1 to speak to a representative. Clearly, th...
Reported Andrea Vanderloo,


Unknown Calls
Recording. Male with American accent saying they were BT reporting fraud. I replaced the receiver quickly.
Reported matt romsdahl,


Other Calls
switchly ?
Reported menno schwartz,


Other Calls
they said from Amazon, and £79 + will be taken from my account, but as this order is from Liverpool, it is no where as to where i live. is is suspect. and wanting me to cancel o...