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Reported Michael Cato,


Safe Calls
hat mich am 23.03.2021 angerufen
Reported Christina dawn buchanan,


Unsafe Calls
I din't get to the phone in time to answer this
Reported sharneice orebo,


Unknown Calls
Automated voice stating they were from "my internet provider", that they have been trying to contact me unsafe
Reported Roman atwood,


Unsafe Calls
Indian Call centre, trying to scam payment details. Claimed to be Carphone Warehouse.
Reported Keith Harmon,


Other Calls
SCAM ALERT!!! Got a call on April 7th and a lady told me she worked for Binance and that I had frozen funds in my account. I played along so I told her my Binance account was fully verified (I don't even have an account there lmfao). Received an email about 30 minutes later that I had 125,000 euros worth of bitcoins in frozen funds, and in order to unlock them they asked me to pay a fee of 0.05 bitcoins to the wallet in the email. No way José, lol. Today April 13th I got another call from the same number with the same story about frozen funds bla, bla, bla. THIS HAS TO STOP!!! (Btw, I have reported this number to the authorities, fingers crossed they will enjoy their prison bars view soon enough)
Reported Robert Harr,


Other Calls
Claimed my visa/MasterCard had been used in last 15 minutes for £600 at an overseas location. Press 1 to speak to an adviser. I didn’t bother and cut off the call
Reported Cheri Langdell,


Unknown Calls
Seems to have a reputation for silent calls. Where they have spoken, the majority have said you are due a refund of bank charges and a few that your phone and Internet will be c...
Reported Demetria D Lovato,


Unknown Calls
stock scam
Reported Zack Grant,


Unsafe Calls
royal mail scam
Reported Martin Botres,


Safe Calls
No body there when receiver picked up
Reported Ryan Kaizer Losmagos,


Unknown Calls
I think this is unsafe. The caller who appeared to be Asian said he was from BT Openreach and thatit had been reported that we were having security problems with our internet. We do not believe this to be the case. Everything is working normally.
Reported thelma hunt,


Other Calls
Looks like a scam - supposed to be from Hermes but nothing due to be delivered
Reported Kendra Reese,


Unsafe Calls
Microsoft scam, attempt to access bank account
Reported silvia vasquez,


Safe Calls
Attempted Fraud: claims to be National Crime Agency investigating criminal activity and about to suspend National Insurance number1


Safe Calls
Unknown caller from Bath Did not answer ,cuts off after short while suggesting automated call.
Reported shawn m chapman,


Unsafe Calls
In Belgium I received several calls asking me to do action on my computer telling that my computer will be blocked. I fear that it is the operation he is asking me that will cause problems.
Reported Bree domingue,


Other Calls
Nobody spoke after answering
Reported Kym Storch,


Other Calls
Called and wanted to ask lots of questions. Accent so strong could not understand even a little of what he wanted
Reported brenda manuel,


Unknown Calls
Hung up as soon as I answered. I expect to be called on a later date by someone trying to sell wills, ground source heat pumps, help with that car accident that wasn't my f...
Reported Julius wynn,


Unknown Calls
Called my mobile, not sure where they got my number from asking for my Mother in law. Claimed to be Domestic and General ringing about an appliance. Believe a scam.