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Reported Karie A Taylor,


Unsafe Calls
A call about my 'recent car accident'
Reported matthew mirarchi,


Safe Calls
They said they are from vodafone, I have asked them few questions to confirm if they really have access to my account and it's not legit, it's a scam people.
Reported sharon abbott,


Unknown Calls
A rip-off call. Told me that there is a problem with my Internet router and that my internet service would cease in 4 hours ... Press "1" etc.
Reported faith davis,


Safe Calls
This no. was given to me by a fraudster in connection with the Amazon Prime scam. The no. is actually a Logistics Company in Andover.
Reported Beany emmanuvel,


Other Calls
Person with Indian accent calling from this number claims to represent a Claim Management Company. His boss is supposedly a "Roy Bollen". When asked he claims they use Amanda Cunliffe solicitor. They are trying to make money from accidents with personal injuries. They tell you that you can get a medical certificate from your GP for "neck pain", even if it's one year and three months after the actual accident. VERY STRANGE, dishonesty or the suspicion of it. They scare you by telling that the other party is making you responsible, but they cannot name the other party and its insurance (DON'T TELL THEM!)
Reported Marshall Tucker,


Unsafe Calls
Recorded message saying computer router was going to be turned off !!! Put phone down
Reported lawrence scanlan,


Other Calls
Phone number claims to be in dorking. Annoying, whining female voice says I have been in a car accident (I haven't) and then wants to know if I have ever had any kind of ac...
Reported Erica brewer,


Unsafe Calls
called by indian sounding gentleman, regarding insurance on my appliances as a customer of the supposed company, they will be reducing the monthly fees, after 3 or 4 minutes of ...
Reported Kenny Layne,


Safe Calls
Called in response to an insulation survey. ( survey has never been completed) says was calling from an international call centre in Singapore on behalf of Sisco Homes?.
Reported April Santana,


Unknown Calls
caller stated was from BT openreach regarding issues with router as ive just installed new router seems this is new scam
Reported Shanta cooley,


Other Calls
Recorded message supposedly from Amazon Prime, which I don't have. Hung up on the scammers
Reported Bette Baker,


Safe Calls
International number with 01254 839536 Rang off without leaving a message
Reported Ann Barr,


Unsafe Calls
Reported Linda Lawrence,


Unsafe Calls
Call this morning obviously from a call centre offering no claims discount on my cooker/washer insurance plan. She asked for the expiry date on my credit card and then the long ...
Reported Klay Brock,


Unknown Calls
briefly sounded like a child laughing then hanging up
Reported Norma Curtis,


Unknown Calls
57 seconds call ???? Must be scammers
Reported Kevin caulfield,


Safe Calls
Automated voice informing me that I am involved in some fraud regarding the Inland Revenue and to press 1 to continue. Obviously some sort of scam!
Reported Vin Sylvester,


Unsafe Calls
Line disconnected when I picked the phone up - probably automated call centre phoning numbers at random in some kind of phishing scam. We have had a lot of these!
Reported Elias Espat Jr,


Unsafe Calls
Superior Healthcare
Reported lorent espinoza,


Unknown Calls
this number called me approx 30mins ago a pre recorded message played saying something about her majesties revenue and customs hung up at this point but would warn all to be...