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Reported Gaynor,


Safe Calls
Don’t answer unknown call
Reported Richie,


Unknown Calls
Dodgy people, block them please.
Reported Vh,


Unsafe Calls
Scam log into other nos
Reported JPO,


Unsafe Calls
Claims to be my internet provider and going to be cut off. Doesn't say which internet provider though!
Reported Chaka k Bradley,


Unknown Calls
Call center
Reported Dallas Carrie,


Other Calls
Called today. Didn’t answer. They hung of when answer machine came on. Other sites say it’s a spam calll.
Reported Yolanda gurrola,


Other Calls
Called my TPS registered mobile yesterday. Hung up when voicemail started so likely to be scam.
Reported Gerald Hilliker,


Unknown Calls
Edinburgh Police
Reported Mitchell childress,


Other Calls
Apparently this company supply buildings for mass testing. Could it be associated with Covid testing perhaps? Unable to call it back.
Reported Kent Harms,


Unknown Calls
Claimed to be from BT and my broadband had been compromised. I don’t have a BT account. Told him to get lost.
Reported Paul Helton,


Unsafe Calls
Reportedly from Virgin Media wanted to access computer to prevent Broadband from being disconnected. When challenged they hung up.
Reported Joanne montojo,


Unsafe Calls
Called by 01470 680275 on 22//1/21 but phone clicked off when I answered it. We don't know anyone on the Isle of Skye!
Reported Greg Blakeney,


Unknown Calls
Called me - automatic woman's voice - said from BT and I was about to be disconnected from landline and internet because of "suspicious activity" - if want to stop this, press 1.I hung up - scam.
Reported Michael Marquez,


Other Calls
un solicited
Reported jaye roman,


Other Calls
Call came in as "Washington Call" no one on the line when I answered. Getting a lot of these calls from various numbers. I block them all.
Reported Ryan Eashoo,


Safe Calls
Too many digits to be valid UK format.
Reported mary t barra,


Unsafe Calls
This number keeps calling very early in the mornings from 6am onwards including at the weekends. When answered they hang up ! tried calling back and the message says number no...
Reported Khyree mcqueen,


Safe Calls
Called by a asian person telling us our washing machine insurance was to be renewed. No insurance held so put phone down.
Reported Tyler Rhodes,


Unsafe Calls
Dodgy fraud call, "your Internet service provider has been trying to reach you ...". DO NOT PROGRESS, PUT THE PHONE DOWN.
Reported Patrick Rix,


Unsafe Calls
call received 09:04am 2-2-2021. No voice or sound on the line. Call ended after a few minutes