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Reported David,


Other Calls
Trying to sell me a domain name related to my business ... told him I wasn't interested and he said thank you and ended the call ...
Reported Anita Keble,


Unknown Calls
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Unknown Calls
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Reported Misc,


Unknown Calls
Number has called me twice today and twice earlier during the week. Unable to call then back. I answered once and the other end was silent before cutting off after 10 seconds. Have added number to by block list as it's s obviously suspicious and it's harassment to keep calling.
Reported Jeffery hillbourne,


Unsafe Calls
hung up when picked up
Reported Amy Mitchell,


Other Calls
Just rang off when I picked up
Reported Jutta eick whisman,


Other Calls
'Amazon' scam. Blocked
Reported lionheart lexi,


Unknown Calls
Automatic voice message (American accent) claiming to be from BT advising of fraudulent activity on computer/internet connection requesting that you press 1. Definitely NOT f...
Reported Briley monk,


Safe Calls
Missed call 4 times
Reported arslan shah,


Other Calls
And from a fake number. London numbers don't start with a zero after the city code of 020.
Reported Joe Alfonso,


Other Calls
Scammers Vishers Scummers
Reported Michael Skorupski,


Unknown Calls
text - 'Weve got your registration thank you for your order' looks like a scammer
Reported Tony watkins,


Safe Calls
And a scam!
Reported Pawel Kosla,


Unknown Calls
Amazon Prime renewal scam. Put phone down and using 1471 rang the number back but not recognized. Scammers must be able to mask their real number.
Reported Ron Clot,


Unknown Calls
Purporting to be on behalf of HMRC with threat of arrest if you don't respond by dialling digit 1. CLEARLY, NO RESPONSE SHOULD BE MADE.
Reported Sharon Gayle Doyle,


Unsafe Calls
Called landline today 16/06/2020 13:20pm, no message left. A Google search suggests that the number, if genuine, belongs to a financial services company in Bolton, Lancashire. N...
Reported Janet A Braglin,


Other Calls
SPAM text message from the Pyramid scheme that is Herbalife.


Safe Calls
I missed the call so I don't know who it is ,
Reported William Robichaud,


Safe Calls
All I got was the end of a pre-recorded message - 'thank you' - and not for the first time.
Reported linda burruss,


Other Calls
Phone all trying to sell me cheaper energy bills.